Here's a Canadian sweater that you can call "so gay"

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      James Franco notwithstanding, here is the one thing in the world that you can call so gay and not get in trouble for it.

      The Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity, based in Ottawa, with Saatchi and Saatchi created the world's first gay sweater, using hair donated from over 100 LGBT people.

      Although the hand-knitted sweater, adorned with rainbow-coloured buttons, debuted at Toronto Fashion Week on March 24, it's more than a fashion statement or an art project. It's a means to boost awareness about how slang phrases like "that's so gay" have a negative impact on individuals, particularly youth.

      It's designed to show how inappropriate the phrase "that's so gay", used to refer to something stupid or dumb, is.

      Here's a video all about the gay sweater.

      Here's more about the making of the sweater.

      This video explains why the sweater was made.

      Here's a look at the knitters who made the sweater.

      As if that wasn't enough for even more on the gay sweater, visit a website all about it. 

      The CCGSD also spearheads the International Day of Pink on April 8, which aims to tackle homophobia, transphobia, and bullying.

      Speaking of Canadian sweaters, anyone remember this monologue that unexpectedly hit the Canadian top 40 in 1992?

      (And there is an LGBT connection to this song: Meryn Caddell came out as transgender in 2004.)