Rainy hike to Munro Lake in Pinecone Burke Provincial Park

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      You know what they say: rainfall warnings mean empty hiking trails.

      Okay, nobody says that, but it was certainly true just over a week ago on the trail to Munro Lake in Pinecone Burke Provincial Park.

      The trailhead is found along Quarry Road in Coquitlam, past the entrance to Minnekhada Regional Park.

      After switchbacking up to two viewpoints (clouds obscured all views), the trail levels out, makes its way around a bunch of blowdowns, and arrives at the lakeshore.

      Since we were cold and wet by that time, we only explored a bit of the waterlogged shore, before heading back down.

      This way to Munro Lake.
      Stephen Hui

      According to the GPS app on my phone, we hiked a distance of over eight kilometres and an elevation gain of about 800 metres.

      It took three hours to reach Munro Lake, and the round trip lasted 5.5 hours.