Photo gallery: Reconciliation Week wraps up with Vancouver walk

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      The sound of drums rang out in downtown Vancouver as thousands took part in the Walk for Reconciliation Sunday (September 22).

      Led by local First Nations and dignitaries, participants weaved their way from Queen Elizabeth Plaza to Concord Pacific Place, passing by tents featuring multicultural drumming along the way.

      The walk was organized as part of Reconciliation Week activities in the city, and came a day after the Truth and Reconciliation Commission finished hearing testimonies from residential school survivors.

      Speakers at the event included Bernice King and Chief Robert Joseph, the ambassador of Reconciliation Canada. 





      Sep 24, 2013 at 9:11am

      Thank you, organizers, for allowing us to experience this wonderful step forward in the long journey of healing!!!! The feeling of walking over the bridge and seeing the sea of people on the other side, also crossing over, was very powerful. Walking with my kids in the pouring rain, I felt a new sense of hope, being surrounded by people who care enough to just "show up."


      Sep 24, 2013 at 6:24pm

      The times they are a'changing.. for the better. There's darkness ahead in the world. It will be brought about by those sociopaths that crave control. But, the tens of thousands that came out to 'walk' represent a fraction of the 'children of light souls' in Vancouver and area. As Dr. Bernice King pointed out, we of the light shall overcome. Polish up your armour and mount your spiritual steed. The battle for truth and justice has begun!

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