Coworking: the new way of doing business

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      Times have changed. In the old days, renting office space for a young entrepreneur would be challenging, to say the least.

      Now, you have the option of coworking.

      What is coworking? For those who don't know, it's sharing office space where a person can rent desks and private meeting rooms at affordable prices.

      Usually, coworking spaces are easily accessible to transit and you can even rent desks for a day. A prime example is the Network Hub, which is a fantastic room located by SFU Harbour Centre. It's a true advantage for the city.

      The design is beautiful and elegant with long windows and full-service bathrooms, including a shower. It's pet-friendly and it's managed by a team of young and dynamic SFU grads who accommodate your business needs.

      Lara Smith

      In conversation with Minna Van, the vibrant manager and one of the cofounders, she said profoundly that coworking is "a way of life".

      "It allows people to start and grow their business," Minna said. "It lowers the overhead. It reduces risk and it gives them a platform to create work."

      I would say that it gives people a sense of community and is a vital part of our shared economy. While there is a myth that coworking is only open to techies, the Hub welcomes everybody.

      Minna also pointed out that one of the benefits of being a member is you can cowork in 800 cities, in places like Hong Kong and Montreal, since it's part of a global network.

      I think the Hub is a wonderful choice for people looking for space. You don't have to suffer in mom's basement anymore.




      Apr 12, 2015 at 6:21pm

      So it's like a library but without the books, and you have to pay to sit down?

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      Victoria Clark

      Apr 13, 2015 at 8:27am

      Coworking is more than Huh? description. It's an opportunity to build a business and connections in a professional space with a desk, meeting rooms and sometimes, focused professional development classes. Yes, some new business owners can work at the library and/or home for their needs but coworking provides platform to build a business with a like-minded community, network for new collaborations and combat isolation.

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