Canadian actor Wendy Crewson talks about coming-out challenges

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      Canada may be one of the most LGBT–friendly countries in the world but that doesn't mean it's always easy to come out.

      A case-in-point is Canadian actor Wendy Crewson.

      Crewson is a reminder that people come out as an LGBT person at all different stages of life and face different challenges.

      The 58-year-old actor has starred in Hollywood films such 2012's The Vow, starring Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams; as 1997's Air Force One, as the U.S. First Lady opposite Harrison Ford; and 1994's Santa Clause, starring Tim Allen.  

      She has also starred in recurring roles on TV series such as Saving Hope, Revenge, Crimes of Passion, The Bridge, ReGenesis, and 24.

      Although she had come out as a lesbian to her family a few years ago, she spoke about it publicly for the first time in December on the talk show The Social.

      She was married for 21 years to actor Michael Murphy (Away From Her, X-Men: The Last Stand), whom she divorced in 2009. The two co-starred in Terrance Odette's 2014 film Fall, about a Catholic priest who receives a letter about a sexual abuse incident in the past.

      Crewson told CTV's eTalk that she was fine with coming out to people but was mostly concerned about coming out to her two children, which she described as "really scary" as she feared their rejection. Her children were understanding and accepting, although she noted that it wasn't necessarily easy for them.

      She also talked about the need to maintain open discussions about LGBT people in the public.

      "It's certainly important for all the kids out there who are in a less supportive family than me, in a less supportive industry than me, and I really feel like it's our responsibility as adults in high-profile positions to let kids know it gets better," she told eTalk.