Sideshow Bob Hartley fined $50,000 by NHL for Game 2 idiocy

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      One doesn't have to be John Tortorella to recognize the fact that Calgary Flames coach Bob Hartley is a world-class fuckwit.

      That reality was driven home yet again at the end of last night's playoff game between the Vancouver Canucks and the Calgary Flames. The Canucks were ahead 4-1 with 1:17 left in Game 2, first-round Stanley Cup Playoffs matchup. 

      With his team having no chance of evening things up, Sideshow Bob decided to throw out a line that included Flame shit-disturbers Deryk Engelland, Brendan Bollig, and rat-in-the-making Michael Ferland. Ferland had been penalized just minutes before for boarding Canuck Chris Tanev, after which he ran Vancouver's Eddie Lack, knocking him to the ice. 

      Predictably, a line-brawl broke out. Afterwards, Sideshow Bob commented  “No big deal. It is what it is - it’s playoff hockey.”

      The NHL saw things differently. This afternoon, the league announced that it has fined Hartley $50,000 for "his responsibility for the incident". The fine was issued in accordance with By-Law 17.3 (a) for conduct prejudicial to or against the welfare of the League.

      NHL officials also announced they were rescinding a game misconduct penalty to Engelland for instigating a fight in the last five minutes of game.

      This isn't the first time that Sideshow Bob has been fined for being an asshat. In January of the 2013-14 season, he iced a lineup against Vancouver which instigated a line-brawl in the opening seconds of the game. Then Vancouver Canucks head coach John Tortorella was so incensed, he attemped to storm the Flames dressing room between periods, leading to his being suspended for 15 days. Tortorella subsequently told media "I don’t like the way he does business. I don’t like him."

      Sideshow Bob was also fined $10,000 back in 2006-07 for his part in a line brawl between the Atlanta Thrashers (which he was coaching at the time) and the Washington Capitals.

      On a completely unrelated note, if the monotone ramblings of Craig Simpson (heard in the clip above) are already driving you crazy just two games into the series, considering tuning into Hockey Night in Canada Punjabi edition. Even if you don't speak Punjabi, it was obvious from Friday's excellent call that they thought Hartley was a shithead just like the rest of us. 



      betty henderson

      Apr 18, 2015 at 5:53pm

      Great Piece!ha ha . Truth, and con

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      Apr 18, 2015 at 6:04pm

      "Bob Hartley is a world-class fuckwit." truuuuuueeeee

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      Apr 18, 2015 at 8:04pm

      Fuckwit is for sure just trying to change the team work to see if they can catch up but the canucks still got game

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      Apr 19, 2015 at 12:46am

      why can't the 'colour commentators' shut up while the puck is in play & just let the play by play announcer do his job? very annoying & distracting in my opinion.

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      Apr 19, 2015 at 4:44pm

      Yes Mike you are a shithead just like the rest of us

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      Apr 19, 2015 at 6:58pm

      Holy crap...and I thought I was the only non Punjabi speaking Canucks fan to switch over to that channel every so often!
      If there's two of us there has to be more..

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      Apr 19, 2015 at 7:03pm

      ...and on that other note, I now have a way better understanding of Tortorella's anger...!


      Apr 19, 2015 at 11:28pm

      Sounds a lot like your duck head Canucks tonight.

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      Apr 20, 2015 at 12:43am

      The only fuckwit I see here is the one who wrote this nonsensical article.

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      Apr 21, 2015 at 7:24am

      Suck it up princess, there's no crying in hockey..

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