Homeless in Vancouver: Black cars are only happy when it rains

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      Back in 1985, Canadian-born musician, Gino Vanelli had quite a success with his synthpop hit “Black Cars” (doo-doo doo-doo doo-doo, Dah-dah dah!) wherein he asserted, no less than three times, that black cars did indeed look better in the shade.

      Perhaps back then they did look better in the shade—in Los Angeles—but here in Vancouver, British Columbia, black cars have always looked their very best right after a rain storm when they’re still beaded with a million iridescent drops of water.

      By the way, I remember quite liking the B-side of the “Black Cars” single, which was called “Imagination”. 

      Stanley Q. Woodvine is a homeless resident of Vancouver who has worked in the past as an illustrator, graphic designer, and writer. Follow Stanley on Twitter at @sqwabb.