Street artist Apath displays latest sculpture near Canada Place

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      The latest sculptural installation from street artist Apath has appeared near Canada Place.

      The anonymous artist’s work, located on a wall near the green roof of the Vancouver Convention Centre, is created to appear as a three-dimensional sphere.

      According to an unsigned statement sent to the Georgia Straight, the piece "was designed to be site-specific and add to the overall aesthetic of the chosen area". In reply to a written request from the Straight, the artist emailed that the large-scale sculpture, which is no more than a couple of inches deep, was cut out by hand during a process that took about 65 hours.

      “The piece is initially made to catch the viewer off guard and evoke a sense of what is that or what does it mean, hopefully sparking a new perspective or getting them to try a new way of looking at things in an attempt to understand it,” Apath stated.

      The street artist’s previous work includes a graffiti art 3D installation under the Granville Street Bridge last summer.

      His latest sculpture, which was installed last weekend, aims to challenge city regulations on public art, and the amount of opportunities available for artists to display art publicly “without a strict jury system, tons of red tape, and waiting on permits”.

      “Art should be created and displayed freely if it isn’t hurting or offending anyone, and trying to stop that is a step in the wrong direction,” he wrote.



      Hugh johnston

      Apr 25, 2015 at 2:03pm

      I'm not a fan of graffiti but I witnessed this piece and it truely transforms the area, it made me feel like I was in a Japanese garden