University closes in wake of Freddie Gray funeral and Baltimore police warning about gang attacks on officers

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      There's a siege mentality in Baltimore, Maryland, today after local police issued a warning about criminal gangs' plan to "take out" law-enforcement officers.

      "This is a credible threat," the Baltimore Police Department stated. "Law enforcement agencies should take appropriate precautions to ensure the safety of their officers."

      The Black Guerilla Family, Bloods, and Crips "have entered into a partnership", the police statement declared.

      A Facebook photo (see above) shows the Bloods and Crips together with the claim that they are uniting for justice for Freddie Gray.

      Gray is the Baltimore man of African descent who died a week after being arrested on April 12. He reportedly had a severe spinal-cord injury and his neck was broken before he went into a coma.

      Police commissioner Anthony Butts has said that "police employees failed to get him medical attention in a timely manner multiple times".

      A riot broke out in Baltimore after Gray's funeral today.

      Meanwhile, the University of Maryland in Baltimore closed after police had issued the warning. The university released a statement saying that "the safety of our students and employees is of paramount importance".