Sook-Yin Lee delves into female flirtations and naked women with JOOJ

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      What is JOOJ?

      The answer might depend on who you ask but one answer you might receive is that it's Sook-Yin Lee and Adam Litovitz's new band.

      In case you weren't already aware, Lee, a CBC radio host and former Much Music VJ who hails from Vancouver, was formerly the lead singer of the local band Bob's Your Uncle and the experimental electronic band Slan, and has also recorded several solo albums.

      Litovitz is her longtime collaborator.  

      The band's latest video for the intimate and gentle "Ghost of Love" chronicles what appears to be a covert flirtation between two women in a swimming pool, locker room, gym, and sauna. It seems to capture the often ambiguous and trepadatious nature of non-verbal queer communication.

      It was shot with a point-and-shoot HD camera, which reflects the secretive and cautious nature of the two women trying to suss each other out.  

      The previously released "Shoulders and Whispers" is much more languid and haunting. The video features naked women creeping around in churches, women in bathing suits writhing around on floors, and men standing staring vacuously into space, as men and women are prone to doing.

      The stark black-and-white piece is directed by Brandon Cronenberg, son of director David Cronenberg (who may have been occupied filming Julianne Moore sitting on a toilet much to the excitement of no one else except for Adrian Mack).

      Anyhooj, JOOJ's self-titled debut album will be released on May 26.