Red Bull and Dine Alone want you to see James Vincent McMorrow for free!

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      God knows that we all love free things.

      Imagine a world where, every day, something is given to you with nothing expected in return. Like Urban Outfitters giving you a free gift certificate for a build-your-own custom Aristotle Miste fixie by the Republic Bike Company.

      Or Tacofino not only allowing you to dine free on every day with “-day” in the name, but throwing in taxi fare to boot. Or Red Bull not only dropping off four free flats of the world’s favourite energy drink once a month, but also making sure that it spices things up with special-edition flavours like Lime and The Yellow Edition.

      While we can only dare to dream about such things coming true, one thing is guaranteed to be free this weekend. And, no, it’s not air in the downtown core, or tapwater in local drinking fountains.

      On Saturday, Red Bull teams up with heavy-hitting Canadian indie label Dine Alone for the self-explanatory Red Bull Tour Bus Dine Alone 10-Year Anniversary Tour. As you might guess, the cross-Canada venture features top-notch Dine Alone acts performing on the Red Bull tour bus.

      What’s the Red Bull tour bus you might ask? Well, think a Frankenstein-like combo of a 1967 GM Transit bus, a 1974 Silver Eagle and a 2012 Freightliner. And if that’s not cool enough, said bus evidently comes from the same planet as Optimus Prime, as the side of the vehicle—through the power of hydraulic lifts—transforms into a concert stage with a 120,000-watt sound system.

      Who, you might ask will be rocking that stage at Gastown’s Maple Tree Square at 3 p.m. on Saturday (May 16). That would be platinum-shifting Irish hitmaker James Vincent McMorrow, who first surfaced with an ace cover of Steve Winwood’s “Higher Love”, and has continued making waves with smashes like “Cavalier”.

      Even though concerts are free for the five-city cross-Canada Red Bull Tour Bus Dine Alone 10-Year Anniversary Tour, you’ll want to look into securing your tickets here. And here’s a tip: if you got to a local Starbucks, the Wi-Fi is usually free.