Are marijuana-friendly B&Bs a budding trend?

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      Does a marijuana-friendly bed-and-breakfast chain in Denver, Colorado, represent a budding trend in accomodation services for weed-tolerant locales?

      The Bud + Breakfast “premier cannabis-friendly lodging and hospitality company” offers two facilities in Colorado (which effectively legalized pot in 2014): one, the Adagio, is a Victorian home in the Mile-High City itself; the other, the Silverthorne, is in a ski town west of Denver.

      Will “green-rush” lodgings start sprouting like weeds on Vancouver’s East Side to service summer tourists more interested in laid-back appreciation of mountain views than trudging through downtown crowds in search of Gastown souvenir shops?

      Bud + Breakfast's Adagio offers six musical composer–themed suites that rent for between $179 and $399 per night. The Silverthorne adopts a more contemporary musical model as its theme, judging by its four suites named Garcia, Lesh, Weir, and Kreutzmann. Depending on the suite rented, relaxed guests will have the use of four-poster beds, hot tubs, and gas fireplaces.

      Although Bud + Breakfast promises “open-mindedness”, “confidentiality”, and a “4:20 happy hour”, it also posts this notice on its website:

      “We DO NOT provide any cannabis products at this establishment, however we do counsel our guests when asked about cannabis or methods of consumption. We pride ourselves on being an educational resource. Upon request, we are able to provide the necessary paraphernalia to allow our guests to try their product without having to purchase additional equipment.”

      Both facilities boast kitchens to take care of munchies, and the Adagio says of its breakfast: “Every morning, eggs are cracked and bowls are packed as guests gather in our sunny, communal dining area for our famed Wake+Bake breakfast sessions. Grab a fresh cup of coffee or an uplifting Sativa strain…”

      As well, an in-house spa promises cannabinoid-oil massage therapy.

      Perhaps Vancouver’s city hall should be looking into this area as it contemplates regulating and reining in the dozens of medicinal-marijuana dispensaries that have sprung up in recent months.