Sasquatch 2015: Milky Chance shows why it's one of the hottest bands in the world

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      German duo Milky Chance was introduced to the crowd at the Sasquatch Main Stage in the early afternoon on Sunday with the words “One of the hottest bands in the world”. It’s a bold statement, to be sure, but it’s also undeniable. This set must have been booked quite awhile in advance, because Clemens Rehbein and Philipp Dausch have been dominating airwaves for months, selling out venues like Los Angeles’s Mayan Theatre in less than 10 minutes.

      Lead singer Rehbein looks like a raccoon and is hard to understand at times, but man, does he have stage presence. Stepping up to the stage he informed the crowd that this was the duo’s last concert on their tour and “I hope you’re here to have some fun with us.” The latter was confirmed early on as the crowd was ready and willing to shake and bop to every syllable.

      Opening up with “Stunner”, Rehbein quickly started what would become some trends of his by jumping around the stage and ending every song with a prolonged "Yeahhhhhhh". “Fairytale” and “Sadneccesary” were next, before the two embarked on the familiar opening of “Flashed Junk Mind”, sending the crowd into a frenzy.

      Pulling out a harmonica, Dausch showed the world his talents as he and Rehbein harmonized beautifully on “Loveland”. With sweat stains dominating his shirt, Rehbein asked the crowd if they were ready for the next song. As they started into “Down by the River”, crowd surfers came out of nowehere, prompting the Rehbein to remark, “That’s awesome man.”

      There was one more song left and the tension was palpable. Well, not really; everyone knew what it would be. To their credit, Milky Chance mixed up their overplayed but still irresistible “Stolen Dance” with a version of the song that had every single arm in the crowd up and waving.

      “This is the most best end to a tour you could have,” said Rehbein, delighting the crowd with his modesty and lack of control over the English language. Most best indeed.