Danish politician poses with penis to become prime minister

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      A Danish politician may not win the country's erection—oops, election—to become prime minister, but he has gotten the attention of the world.

      In a new campaign poster for the 52-year-old John Erik Wanger—whoops, Wagner—has posed in a cowboy hat and hoslter, and nothing else. Not only is his physique visible but so is his personal pistol.

      The "penis posters" have been erected all around Copenhagen. The ad was approved of by city officials. (For those who enjoy viewing this sort of thing, the uncensored full-meal deal is available here.)

      Wagner does have a clothed poster but for some inexplicable reason, it's not getting as much international attention.

      John Erik Wagner's non-sausage poster

      Wagner has a 10-point platform that includes closing the nation’s job centres, changing local election rules, making dentist visits free, and restructuring the labour market so that all workers have six months holiday. Unfortunately, his platform did not mention anything to do with public nudity, cowboys, or the release of Magic Mike XXL.

      This is the Copenhagener's third time running in an election in the past 10 years but apparently he didn't get enough attention in the past (or as a child).

      Hats off to John Erik Wagner.

      According to the Guardian, he said, "It helps to look good if you want to be in government and people say I have a nice body, so I thought, ‘This is me, here I am.’ I wanted to get my name out there.”

      Quite the overachiever, Wagner has gotten more than his name out there now.


      Wagner has been known to pull attention-grabbing stunts.

      While wearing a cowboy outfit (paying tribute to Denmark's historic tradition of cowboy culture), he once interrupted a live televised election debate to question why smaller parties were excluded from it.

      For those curious if Wagner is more than meets the eye, here's his election video (in Danish). Unfortunately, there isn't any nudity so it isn't interesting.

      Meanwhile in other parts of the world, Pride celebrations kick off this month with far less nudity.




      Jun 3, 2015 at 7:43am

      This should be a requirement for all politicians. Most of these people are such dicks anyways, we should see what they are trying to compensate for. Gregor R. & Jeff M. both are reputed to be #matchsticks.

      Six shooter

      Jun 3, 2015 at 7:44am

      A fine idea, but why use a gun when you have a penis?


      Jun 6, 2015 at 12:00am

      Anyone throwing pot shots is clearly jealous. To have that good of a body and sizeable junk at 52 is a gift.