NDP Leader John Horgan skewers Christy Clark on "offensive" Burrard Bridge yoga closure

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      So it's gone from #OmTheBridge to #ShunTheBridge to #DrumTheBridge.

      The controversy over the planned closure of the Burrard Bridge on June 21 for the International Day of Yoga is showing no signs of blowing over, especially with Premier Christy Clark fanning the flames today (June 11) with a trolly tweet addressed to "Yoga Haters".

      B.C. NDP Leader John Horgan is joining Raffi and the Twittering masses in weighing in on the event, telling News1130:

      I think that’s offensive to people, particularly people who are struggling. People are trying to make ends meet and they see the highest priority of the leader of the government is to roll down mats, close a roadway on Father’s Day, on National Aboriginal Day — she’s going to say ‘Come and look at me. I like to do yoga.'

      One of the radio station's reporters posted the following tweets with more from Horgan:

      Meanwhile, Green Party of B.C. interim leader Adam Olsen retweeted this popular tweet from Raffi: