Christy Clark says she won't attend #OmTheBridge yoga event on Burrard Bridge

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      Who knew corporate-sponsored yoga on the Burrard Bridge would stir up such controversy?

      A day after Christy Clark kicked the hornet's nest with a tweet aimed at "Yoga Haters", the B.C. premier has stated that she won't even attend the International Day of Yoga event on June 21, which she was "thrilled" to announce back on June 5.

      Yesterday, with critics of the event using hashtags such as #ShunTheBridge and #DrumTheBridge (June 21 is also National Aboriginal Day), Clark sent out this trolly tweet:

      What a difference seven days makes.

      Vancouver mayor Gregor Robertson also won't be attending the #OmTheBridge event, but will go to National Aboriginal Day celebrations, CBC News reported.

      We'll leave you with this image of a gleeful NDP Leader John Horgan:

      By the way, you do know there are more serious issues to be angry about, right?

      Update (11:45 a.m.): Lululemon is pulling out of #OmTheBridge.

      Update 2 (12 p.m.): #OmTheBridge has been cancelled.



      SPY vs SPY

      Jun 12, 2015 at 11:41am

      By the way - there are more serious issues to be angry about ....

      I don't know of another $150,000.00 waste of TAXPAYERS MONEY for a Corporate donor to be angry at - so Yah - this will do for now!!!!

      City of Vancouver Police rent out at about $120.00 for Overtime duty like this - So we need 50 - 75 Police Officers at this event ????

      Each with a 9 mm Hand Gun with two extra clips -

      That's about 2,250 - 3,750 rounds of Live Ammunition to guarantee that there will be no disruptions or protests to F**king Yoga Day!!

      Joe Blow

      Jun 12, 2015 at 12:13pm

      My bet is this event gets cancelled completely. What a joke from the start.