Photos: Jane Fonda joins Vancouver environmentalists at Toast the Coast celebration at Jericho Beach

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      Actor Jane Fonda's blistering speech is capturing the headlines from yesterday's Toast the Coast event.

      It's been called "epic" by Vancouver environmentalists, and many of Fonda's lines will be remembered for years to come.

      Here's what she said about oil executives: "They assume that our natural resources are limitless and that they have a right to plunder them, even if it means leaving our communities riddled with cancer and birth defects and asthma. Even when it means killing off entire species. Even when it means killing us. This is not just irresponsible. This is abuse of power and abuse of human rights."

      (For more on Fonda's speech, go here.)

      But the Vancouver environmental celebration, which was being promoted by Greenpeace, was more than just one speech.

      It also highlighted aboriginal artwork by Roy Henry Vickers and others.

      There were also many bands and lot of petitions being signed. Below, you can see a few snapshots I took while wandering around the event.

      Roy Henry Vickers created this art for the event.
      Charlie Smith
      First Nations artists impressed attendees.
      Charlie Smith
      Stephen Harper was certainly on people's brains at the rally.
      Charlie Smith
      The Great Climate Race cofounder Ben West and Greenpeace's Jessica Wilson introduced Jane Fonda.
      Charlie Smith
      There were plenty of opportunities to make your voice heard.
      Charlie Smith