Resignation letter from Vancouver school board chair Christopher Richardson

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      The following is a copy of the resignation letter submitted by Vancouver school board chair Christopher Richardson at tonight's (June 15) regular board meeting.

      Text of the letter:


      Good afternoon, after a great deal of consideration, I have decided to resign, effective immediately, as Chairperson of the Vancouver Board of Education.

      The last six months have been challenging, yet exciting times as the Board took decisive action to begin to address chronic budgetary challenges and took steps to address essential seismic upgrades, within a yet to be embarked upon updated strategic plan.

      I am also please that strides have been made to seek a more positive tone upon which to move forward.

      In the months to come, I look forward to continuing my responsibilities as a Trustee and focusing on a number of important initiatives including a comprehensive food strategy for all school children year-around, offering earlier assessments and interventions for those with learning differences, and closing a funding shortfall that will enable the completion of the Aboriginal Carving Pavillon at Britannia, amonst other initiatives.

      During my many District and school visits I have been amazed at the dedication, skill and commitment of our Superintendent, senior administrators, teachers, school and District-based support staff along with parents, volunteers and supporters, and all those who assist in making learning work for all our students.

      Should timing and circumstances align, in the future, I would be honoured to be considered for future leadership roles within the Board.

      I wish to acknowledge the support and understanding that my wife, Alison and sons, Kirk and Matthew have offered, to enable me to undertake the role of Chairperson. It was an honour of a lifetime.

      Submitted this 15th day of June, 2015

      Christopher JK Richardson, CPA, FCA
      Chairperson, Vancouver Board of Education



      Silly Sally

      Jun 16, 2015 at 9:32pm

      The letter said nothing but, I QUIT !.........or..... i quit...........It was not the budget, because Christopher knew that ongoing saga going in. I am guessing that he was squeezed out as he saw the hopelessness of being the third man out (with no NPA backup in sight) in the bloody war between Christy's goons & Patti's goons ? Why else pull up shop so sudden & run for the hills.

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      Jun 17, 2015 at 12:44pm

      Why Christy Clark hates the public education system that must be kept secret:

      "Globe omits Christy Clark caught Cheating During University Election" - What the Corporate Mainstream never revealed to protect the BC LIberals to get their tax cuts and advertising funding.

      As a result of carrying out her vendetta, she has the following play similar to what is carried out in the health care system, how they are now outsourcing surgeries to private hospitals instead of hiring more doctors and nurses to fill up the empty operation rooms instead.

      Here is Christy Clark's & the BC Liberal Education Destruction Game Plan:

      1) Defund a world class public education system, one of the best in the world, to breaking point and give more of that money to elite private schools.
      2) The world class public education system becomes broke, the BC Liberals start selling public schools and property using the new Bill 11 where the gov't can override any elected school boards and do whatever they want.
      3) Private schools and developers can buy all public schools for a discount those who are regular BC Liberal donators.
      4) Then corporations can come and take over introducing more charter and private schools to make money off our kids at profit which was once a great universal free world class public education system.
      5) BC Liberals introduce voucher system costing parents lots of money to pay for a once free education.
      6) Our world class education system tanks like the US as we are following their model.

      The danger signs:

      "B.C. Premier Cozies up to Private Schools".

      "BC Liberals introduces Private-School Tax Exemption".

      "What's Behind BC's Tax Gift to Private Schools?"

      Share it to everyone. This cannot be kept quiet any longer. If this was the NDP, the media would be hiding in Christy's backyard stalking their sundeck for any news until someone has to resign kinda how the media loves to beat the BC Fast Ferries and Adrian Dix's skytrain ticket to death. It is time for mass resignations and recalls.

      The BC Liberals are cutting around

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      Silly Sally

      Jun 17, 2015 at 1:33pm

      Yes, shameToMLA, it seems Christy is going after the BC school system. She is fully aware that you can only rob the taxpayer so much before the system falls apart. Too many hands in the cookie jar from both the BC Liberals & the School Boards of British Columbia ? (well one in particular) Sadly the taxpayer, children & the teachers are the victims in this war worth countless millions of dollars & nice cozy nooks/crannies to hide partisan friends.

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