Does the temperature in Vancouver feel as hot as 35 degrees? We think so

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      What are your tricks for staying cool in this hot weather? My favourite is low-tech: popsicles. Well, ice cream in a pinch.

      For days, I'd been thinking it was my wimpy Vancouver upbringing that was causing me to wilt in the heat, but friends who actually like hot weather have confirmed that yes, indeed, it is seriously hot.

      When I went looking for further confirmation, I found the Weather Network to be the most alarmist (see above). 

      Commercial and office spaces tend to be cooler than the average home, but where to head for some respite? Libraries, movie theatres, malls, and coffee shops are all good bets.

      Let us know if you have the inside track on places to chill or ways to cool down.



      agincourt archer

      Jun 30, 2015 at 3:30am

      be lucky enough to spend the hottest hours sleeping in an air conditioned room. Living on top floor 40yr old apartment ,it is incredibly hot. I too wilt.