Vancouver's Quini launches API platform for crowdsourced wine reviews

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      The Vancouver-based company behind a wine-tasting app has released a platform that can be used to add wine reviews and ratings to e-commerce websites and other apps.

      Quini has an iPhone app and a web app, and a beta version on Android. The Quini app allows users to "capture the five different aspects of wine", get personalized wine recommendations, and more, according its iTunes Store listing.

      Developers can harness the company's new API (application programming interface) platform to pull crowdsourced content from the Quini app on to their wine sites.

      “Consumers appreciate shopping where they can access better information and make better choices, especially when it comes to consumables like wine,” Quini vice president of revenue and products Jennifer Anderson states in a news release issued today (July 7). “We’re excited to make Quini reviews and ratings available to wine sites everywhere, and to play a meaningful role in helping partner sites accelerate and increase revenue.”

      The release also states: "Quini wine reviews and content are updated in real-time. Reviews include aggregate and individual ratings added by Quini wine app users worldwide. Clicking on individual reviews unveils a user’s tasting notes, overall score and ratings for each of the five aspects of wine that make up the Quini Wine Tasting Standard. The Eye, Nose, Mouth, Finish and overall Opinion."

      According to the release, which does not mention pricing, "Undisclosed partner integrations are currently in progress."

      Quini is a privately held company that has received funding from the Canada Media Fund.