Horror Night in Canada: Actor Steph Song on The Dark Hours

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      For this edition of Movie Night in Canada, in which we ask Canadian film folk their recommendations are for rare, unusual, or forgotten Canadian cinematic gems, we return once again to the depths of Canadian cinematic creepiness.

      Vancouver filmmaker Karen Lam was our first interviewee who chose a horror classic (Cannibal Girls).

      This time around, it's actor Steph Song.

      Actor Steph Song

      You may have seen Song, who divides her time between Asia and Canada, on Canadian TV starring as an illegal Cambodian immigrant in Canada in the 2007 CBC miniseries Dragon Boys, on the 2008 series jPod, or—if you were in South East Asia—the Singaporean sitcom Achar! (Keep an eye out for her in the upcoming TV series Blood and Water on Omni.)

      In movies, she's starred in the Douglas Coupland–written 2006 comedy Everything's Gone Green, Paradox, The Thaw, and Dim Sum Funeral.

      Song's pick is the 2005 psychological thriller The Dark Hours directed by Paul Fox.

      It stars Kate Greenhouse as Samantha Goodman, a psychiatrist who works at an institution for the criminally insane. When she, her husband, and her sister take a short break from the city at a cabin in the woods, their plans for rest and relaxation are shattered when someone violent from Samantha's past (Aidan Devine) shows up seeking revenge for unethical treatments he was subjected to.

      Here's what Song had to say about the film:

      I love this movie, because firstly, who doesn't love a good horror story? There are well developed characters (Aidan Devine is so good in this); horror without it being over the top; it's a well-paced, edge-of-your-seat thriller; and it's shot, chopped, and scored in Canada.

      Here's the film's trailer to give you a hint of the hijinks that the film gets up to:

      We've got more recommendations coming up so stay tuned. In the meantime, you can check out other recommendations of Canadian flick picks at our Movie Night in Canada webpage.