Two of five bike parkades now open at SkyTrain stations

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      Good news for cyclists: TransLink is improving bicycle storage facilities for SkyTrain users at some of the Lower Mainland's busiest stations and bus loops.

      Five bike parkades are going to be opened, according to TransLink media relations advisor Chris Bryan, and two parkades are already in operation.

      The first bike parkade, with a holding capacity of 86 bikes, opened in May 2014 at the Main Street-Science World Station.

      A new bike parkade, which holds up to 70 bikes, opened at King George Station in Surrey (the terminus station for the Expo line) on July 6. Sixty bike lockers are already at the station but are operating at maximum capacity with a waiting list.

      Parking your bike at the parkade costs only $1 per day, up to a maximum of $8 per month. If you park your bike over eight times, no charges will be made until the next month. Also, no charges are made if you don't use the parkade.

      In order to use the parkade, you have to register so you can obtain an access card. The initial registration fee of $8 will be applied to your first month of usage. Registration permits usage at any of the parkades.

      The parkades, which have glass walls to ensure visibility for safety reasons, have security cameras and require access cards for people to enter.

      Usage is on a first-come, first-served basis (spaces aren't assigned or reserved).

      For more details, visit the TransLink website.

      Here's a video that illustrates how to use the parkade to give you an idea of what it looks like.

      They're not quite as high-tech as this Japanese automated bike parkade but who knows—maybe one day they will be?