Break a campfire ban, get banned from B.C. parks?

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      Right now, if you breach the campfire ban in effect across most of B.C., you could face a $345 fine.

      But with more than 375 wildfires caused by humans so far this year, the provincial government is considering bringing in stiffer penalties for those who start forest fires or break the rules.

      Mike Morris, parliamentary secretary to the minister of forests, lands and natural resource operations, is even raising the idea of banning people who are caught violating a campfire ban from using provincial parks.

      In an opinion piece sent to media outlets, the B.C. Liberal MLA for Prince George-Mackenzie wrote:

      Should we double the fine for failing to extinguish a campfire? Should we ban those who break campfire bans from using our provincial parks? Should we impound the vehicles of those who flick lit cigarette butts from their car windows? These are serious actions, but I think we need to at least consider them to send the message that enough is enough.

      Morris is the former RCMP officer who has been tasked with looking at "new ways to crack down on those careless acts".

      As of today (July 16), 166 wildfires are burning in B.C., including 12 new fires. 

      There are 17 active fires of note, three states of local emergency due to wildfire, and seven evacuation alerts and orders in effect.

      Campfires are only permitted on Haida Gwaii and in the Fog Zone of Vancouver Island.



      Steve Cooley

      Jul 17, 2015 at 8:24am

      BC employes so few people to husband our wild resources that the probability of being caught is close to zero. Until our Forest Service and Conservation Officer complements are rebuilt, talk of increasing penalties for jeopardizing our Super Natural BC is just talk.