Notes from Pemberton Music Festival: A selfie stick that sucks

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      Back in April, you might recall when intrepid Georgia Straight scribe Travis Lupick took a break from writing about weed and fish to publish the most important investigative story of his career.

      Contacting a rep from the Pemberton Music Festival via text message, Lupick learned that the festival banned the selfie stick this year. Not only that, it only took him three weeks to bring the story across the finish line.

      And we all rejoiced. This ban was totally necessary at a general admission concert, where sight lines are sacred things that are never obstructed, ever. And besides, everyone knows that the longer the list of prohibited items is, the more fun you’ll have at a festival. 

      But is the ban actually enforced, or is it mere posturing? Let’s test it out. I purchased a Go Selfie brand selfie stick from Canadian Tire for $14.95. I then placed the contraband in plain view in my Fjallraven bag, and attempted to enter the festival’s main gate. 

      No problems at all.

      I’d be ready for a full day of being the worst fucking person at Pemberton if my piece of shit selfie stick didn’t break. Stay away from the Go Selfie Brand selfie sticks!

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      Alice Pattinson

      Jul 18, 2015 at 6:19pm

      For me Selfie Stick Pro doesn't sucks at all, I do really enjoy taking selfie using is in an event like Pemberton Music Festival.

      Travis Lupick

      Jul 18, 2015 at 9:17pm

      "Not only that, it only took him three weeks to bring the story across the finish line."

      It's call due diligence, Mann. Not all of us have gigs where we can get away with hitting the 'publish' button on whatever salvia-fueled brainfart bubbles to the front of your dome at whatever EDM backwater you copped a media pass for last weekend.

      I spent three weeks checking the facts on that scoop about selfie sticks and then I checked them again. Journalism.

      Mike Usinger

      Jul 18, 2015 at 11:59pm

      @Travis Lupick.
      Excuses. Excuses.