Canadian songs for Pride: Deadmau5 vs. Billy Newton-Davis' "All You Ever Want"

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      Speaking of Québécoise chanteuses, did you know that one of Céline Dion's first English-language singles was a duet with Billy Newton-Davis?

      And if you asked, "Billy Newton-Who?"—for shame!

      The openly gay and HIV–positive Newton-Davis was originally from the U.S. but moved to Canada where he became an R&B, jazz, and gospel singer-songwriter in Toronto in the 1980s.

      He joined the a cappella group The Nylons in 1991 but left in 1994 to pursue a solo career.

      His biggest hit was his 1989 single "I Can't Take It", as well as his duet "Can't Live With You, Can't Live Without You" with the aforementioned Dion, in the days before she became the international mainstream diva we know her as today.

      But more recently, Newton-Davis gained new clubster cred when his vocals were featured on Deadmau5's 2007 remix dance track "All You Ever Want". (The progressive house Deadmau5 headlined FVDED in the Park earlier this month and even graced our cover.)

      To get into the Pride mood, here's the video of the Crazibiza remix:

      But the Deadmau5 connection to Newton-Davis doesn't stop dancing there.

      For added pleasure to keep the party going, here are two more dance remixes. The first is Deadmau5 vs. Newton-Davis on "I Like Your Music":

      And here's Deadmau5 vs. Newton-Davis on "Outta My Life":

      Happy Pride to all Canadians!