Bill C-51 court challenge launches with $25,000 crowdfunding campaign

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      The Canadian Civil Liberties Association and Canadian Journalists for Free Expression are launching a charter challenge against the Conservative government's controversial antiterrorism legislation.

      And the two organizations are asking Canadians to help pay for the cost of the legal action targeting sections of Bill C-51, which became law in June.

      On the crowdfunding site GoFundMe, the CCLA and CJFE have unveiled a campaign seeking $25,000 in donations.

      “We are challenging several provisions of Bill C-51 that in our view are unconstitutional,” Sukanya Pillay, executive director and general counsel of the CCLA, stated in a news release. “It creates broad and dangerous new powers, without commensurate accountability, and this can result in serious mistakes.”

      Pillay added: “Some of the powers granted by Bill C-51 are secretive in nature, so the public may never know if and when Canadians' rights are being violated, though individuals will be faced with the fallout.”

      The application is being filed today (July 21) in Ontario Superior Court.

      According to the release:

      The challenge will address five key components of Bill C-51, which violate the Charter unjustifiably and must be struck down. These components feature amendments to (1) the CSIS Act, (2) the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, and (3) the Criminal Code with respect to “advocating or promoting terrorism”. The challenge will also address (4) the new Secure Air Travel Act as well as (5) the new Security of Canada Information Sharing Act.

      In 23 hours, the GoFundMe campaign has raised $2,356 from 49 people.



      The only way...

      Jul 21, 2015 at 11:38am overturn C-51 is to vote NDP.