America reigns as leading destination for Canadians

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      I've always wondered where other people travel to since the destinations I like are pretty much off the beaten path.

      I'm not a fan of packaged tours or things sold by cruise-ship companies. Neither does the idea of travelling to an exotic beach appeal to me.

      Out of my own curiosity, I researched the top destinations visited by Canadians.

      According to Statistics Canada data, Canadians took almost 20 million overnight trips to the United States in 2010.

      Next was Mexico with 1.4 million overnight trips

      Cuba and the U.K. were next, followed by the Domincan Republic.

      Based on the research that I saw, countries like Japan, Thailand, and Colombia—which are globally trendy—were not on the list.

      I guess I might the only person under a tent in Chile, satisfying my thirst for the exotic while hearing my husband grumble that there's no Starbucks around.



      Canadian eh

      Jul 27, 2015 at 1:25pm

      The US figures maybe a bit misleading as border crossings from Canadian border towns like Vancouver and others are usually for shopping not vacations.

      Most Canadians as in supported by the Stats prefer cheap Mexican all inclusive vacations despite the number of Canadians targeted for robbery, violence and death Mexico.

      As well most of the Mexican resorts are owned either directly or indirectly by Drug Cartels and their members with corrupt Police.

      Than there are the misinformed Canadians who 'retire' to Central and South American countries thinking mistakenly that the lower cost of living is a good thing. They are routinely robbed and/or prosecuted and/or property sized by corrupt local officials.

      Mexico is a failed state currently in Civil War but hey I'm Canadian and I love my $499 all inclusive in Mexico!