Rogen and Goldberg plus buddy James Franco shooting in Vancouver

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      According to the Hollywood Reporter, hometown boys Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg are back in Vancouver—James Franco and Lizzy Caplan in tow—to shoot their new film, The Interview.

      Rogen sightings have already been logged in the Twitterverse, with burlesque queen Little Miss Risk inviting the actor-writer-director to Sweet Soul Burlesque night at the Keefer Bar on Thursday (highly recommended, Seth.)

      Production begins next week on the comedy, written and directed by the team in the wake of their success with This Is the End, which took over $100 million at the box office and counting. The Interview is about a talk show host and his producer who get swept up into a plot to kill the North Korean “prime minister” (Hollywood Reporter’s words.)

      Vancouver will play New York and North Korea, although we'll be looking for a few sly references to the film’s real location in there. As Rogen told the Straight’s Ian Caddell in 2007, his and Goldberg’s script for Superbad was based on their experiences at Point Grey secondary school. They even shipped 30 of their friends to the premier in Los Angeles.

      “We were going to have it at Oakridge [Centre],” Rogen said, “but we were able to bring them all down here. I think the fact that pretty much everyone we went to school with signed the forms was a good indication that we maintained good relations with them.”

      Whether or not The Interview is based on a real plot to murder a North Korean politician is unclear at this point. But if I had to guess, I’d say yes.