Seven reasons to take a social media vacation

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      If you maintain accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and so on, you’re probably suffering from social-media overload. Maybe it’s time for a break?

      I recently took a seven-day social-media vacation, and found it made for a more relaxed and enjoyable week. To get things started, I logged out of all my social-media accounts, disabled all email and mobile notifications, and hid the apps in folders on my iPhone.

      Even though links pointed me to social-media sites a few times, and Facebook and LinkedIn sent me a couple of emails anyways, I managed to go the whole week without posting any updates, clearing any notifications, and opening any messages. In short, it was glorious.

      Here’s seven reasons why you should consider taking a social-media vacation.

      1. Cleaner touchscreen


      One benefit of not Instagramming your lunch every day is a less oily smartphone screen.

      2. Warmer food


      Your food won’t get cold because you can’t decide which Instagram filter to use.

      3. Less TMI moments


      No Facebook means no bathroom epiphanies, embarrassing sexual escapades, and other overshares. No ill-advised selfies too.

      4. Lower risk of accidents


      iPhone zombies are much more likely to walk into telephone poles, but you’ll have little reason to stare at your phone while out and about.

      5. More time for books and movies


      Since you won’t be wasting an hour clearing notifications before bed, that’s more time to spend watching Netflix or reading novels.

      6. Lower stress


      It takes a lot of energy to keep all those feeds updated. Why not forget about crafting your social-media persona for a week?

      7. Better sleep


      If your phone isn’t vibrating and lighting up the room every 15 minutes, you might actually sleep through the night.

      Do you need a social-media vacation? Tell us why in the comments.