Cineplex revises Scene rewards program, shrinks drink sizes

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      Canadian moviegoers will be experiencing a number of changes at Cineplex theatres this year that will cost them more for some moviegoing experiences.

      First off, the Scene rewards program is getting an overhaul.

      As of November 4, the Scene points required to obtain general admission movie tickets will remain the same at 1,000 points (worth $12.99).

      What will change is the Scene points required to obtain premium movie tickets, such as for 3D, UltraAVX, IMAX, and D-Box movies (which range from $15.25 to $23.25), which will change from 1,000 to 1,500 points. The cost of VIP Cinemas movie tickets will jump to 2,000 points (worth $18.99).

      However, moviegoers will also receive more rewards for purchasing premium and VIP movie tickets.

      After November 4, the purchase of regular movie tickets will remain at 100 points per movie.

      Scene points awarded for premium movies, on the other hand, will increase to 150 points and VIP movies to 200 points.

      The changes are listed on the Scene website.

      The Scene loyalty program launched in 2007, in partnership with Scotiabank. Since that time, several new movie experiences, such as UltraAVX and D-Box, have been introduced.

      Meanwhile, there are other changes afoot: Cineplex is reducing the sizes of soft drinks—but the prices will remain the same.

      Regular drinks will shrink from 32 to 24 ounces (a difference of 8 ounces) and large drinks will decrease from 44 to 32 ounces (a difference of 12 ounces). The small drink will remain at 16 ounces.

      The changes were introduced during pilot test runs in B.C., Alberta, and Saskatchewan in 2013 and will now be rolled out across the country.

      According to the CBC, company spokesman Michael Langdon stated that Cineplex is following a trend towards smaller cup sizes. He also stated that they are preparing for Ontario's Making Healthier Choices Act, scheduled to be introduced in 2017, which will require calorie counts to be published on their menus.

      Over the past few years, Cineplex has bought numerous theatres in Vancouver, including at International Village, Fifth Avenue Cinemas, and the Park Theatre. In 2012, Cineplex opened SilverCity Coquitlam VIP Cinemas. 




      Aug 6, 2015 at 4:28pm

      I am very concerned about the change as I have been a very loyal Scene member and collected over 15,000 Scene points to date. I am also a regular Scene Visa Card user, hence the high amount of points saved overtime. To my understanding, as of Nov 4, 2015, with 3000 points, I can only watch 2 premium movies whereas before I can watch 3, losing out one premium movie (up to $24 value). Although I do understand the need for the revision of the conditions as the movie experiences today have changed. However, this change is very frustrating and offensive to many loyal members with good amount of points saved, including myself. With such short notice, now less than 3 months' time, there's no reasonable way I can watch close to 15 movies over the course of 3 months to make the points I earn worth what they should be worth. Average consumers do not go to movies close to that frequency. Each of those 1000 points I earned (due to choosing to swipe my Scene Visa Card for my expenditures), it's worth a premium ticket, that's one of most influential factors why I choose to use Scene Visa Card and become an active Scene Member since 2007. I really do hope this change only affects the points you earn after Nov 3, 2015. I strongly and genuinely believe that any points earn before that date should be able to redeem ANY types of movie ticket with 1000 points. There needs be a separate allocation to the points earn before & after that date. Otherwise, the new conditions need to be revisited. I have always been a fan of Scene as well as Scotiabank Scene Visa Card as I highly recommend them to all my families and friends; and i really hope it stays that way when the change is fair to the consumers. Are they any consumer protection for programs like this ~ because unless we take some actions to insist Cineplex to revisit their changes, all members are getting ripped off big time ~ almost a scam.

      Movie Lover

      Aug 7, 2015 at 2:03pm

      I agree, very disheartening that they would adjust our rewards, the very incentive for us to join they loyalty program, only now to make us feel less inclined to want to go!

      Eh, I guess renting a video at home on my big screen is becoming more and more appealing, healthier, cheaper, and more social because I can afford to have friends and family with me to watch.