5 tips for Perseid meteor shower watchers in Vancouver

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      Fans of meteor showers know that the Perseids are the most reliable display of "shooting stars" every year.

      Every August, the Earth travels through debris associated with the comet Swift-Tuttle, resulting in a spectacular light show.

      Here's five tips for watchers of the Perseid meteor shower, which peaks this week, in the Vancouver area.

      1. Make plans for Tuesday and Wednesday nights

      That's when the number of meteors will reach as many as 100 an hour.

      2. Get out of the city

      You need a dark sky to see most of the meteors. An elevated location also helps.

      3. Turn off the lights

      It can take 30 minutes for your eyes to fully adjust to the dark.

      4. Stay up late

      The best viewing is after midnight.

      5. Look to the northeast

      Meteors will appear to radiate from the constellation Perseus.