10 things hikers can expect to see on the North Coast Trail in B.C.

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      There’s nothing easy about the North Coast Trail.

      But a backpacking trip on this rugged and remote trail at the northern tip of Vancouver Island just might be one of the best experiences of your life.

      That was my conclusion after a six-day hike in Cape Scott Provincial Park, home of the 43.1-kilometre NCT.

      Hiking east to west for 59.5 kilometres, we camped at Nahwitti River, Cape Sutil, Irony Creek, and Laura Creek on the NCT before getting soaked by rain at the Eric Lake campground on the Cape Scott Trail.

      From Port Hardy, Cape Scott Water Taxi dropped us off at the Shushartie Bay trailhead, and the North Coast Trail Shuttle picked us up at the Cape Scott trailhead.

      If you’re thinking about tackling the NCT, I recommend obtaining a copy of Maria I. Bremner’s excellent guidebook, Cape Scott and the North Coast Trail (Harbour Publishing).

      Here’s a look at 10 things you can expect to see while hiking the often-muddy NCT.

      1. Stunning beaches

      Shuttleworth Bight.
      Stephen Hui

      2. Black bears at campsites

      Nahwitti River campsite.
      Stephen Hui

      3. Lots of plastic debris

      Strandby River to Christensen Point.
      Stephen Hui

      4. Steep rope sections

      West of Tripod Beach.
      Stephen Hui

      5. Grey whales

      Laura Creek campsite.
      Stephen Hui

      6. Colourful buoys marking the trail

      Christensen Point.
      Stephen Hui

      7. Bald eagles

      West of Strandby River.
      Stephen Hui

      8. Cable car crossings

      Nahwitti River.
      Stephen Hui

      9. Boardwalks through upland bogs

      Shushartie Bay to Skinner Creek.
      Stephen Hui

      10. Amazing sunrises and sunsets

      Sutil Bight.
      Stephen Hui

      Oh, and one more thing: Rain

      Nissen Bight.
      Stephen Hui




      Aug 11, 2015 at 2:48pm

      How would you say it compares to the West Coast Trail?