Large humpback whale fourth cetacean found dead in B.C. waters in a week

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      Four whales have died in B.C. coastal waters in less than seven days.

      The latest was a 10-metre-long humpback whale that washed ashore near Klemtu, on B.C.'s central coast.

      Philip Charles, a lead guide for Spirit Bear Adventures, posted photographs he took of the animal on Facebook.

      “A gentle giant has fallen,” he wrote. “Here on the BC coast we are truly blessed to spend so much intimate time with these magnificent and globally iconic creatures, humpback whales, experiences for which we are all truly thankful.”

      According to Charles, Fisheries and Oceans Canada suspects the animal died as a result of an entanglement with a rope.

      The Globe and Mail reports that the whale found near Klemtu is the fourth cetacean found dead off B.C.’s coast in recent days.




      Tom McAlpimb

      Aug 13, 2015 at 10:51am

      I hope they check for levels of radiation; since drift from Fukishima is still in waters these whales traverse perhaps radiation from the nuclear reactor is a factor in these deaths.

      Martin Dunphy

      Aug 13, 2015 at 1:44pm


      That's Woods Hole info, supplied by apologist Ken Buesseler and his PR grandstanding "citizen scientists". They don't even test for some of the more noxious radionuclides.
      Sorry, not convinced by a long shot.

      Annie A.

      Aug 15, 2015 at 8:05pm

      Radiation is a factor, a very significant one.The catastrophe at Fukushima is not getting any better. 4 years of highly radioactive water pouring into the ocean,and no one has a clue on how to stop it.Climate change,pollution of the oceans by man, I guess it's all coming to a head sadly we are going to pay the price.


      Aug 22, 2015 at 9:15pm

      Totally agree about the nuclear radiation poisoning in our Pacific Ocean. "They" cannot convince me otherwise!!! I wish "they" would realize "we" are not stupid or unknowledgeable......Why else would so many marine species be dying, washing up on our shores and or trying to escape/beach themselves from our ocean. They do not want to live in that sure death ocean anymore and personally I cannot blame them. I am so saddened by all this pollution, and man caused catastrophes, I fear we have really "done it now" to our fishery and farmland to say the least as radiation drifts into the air as well and is most likely well into Alberta and beyond by now. Wonder what it is doing to our Thyroid glands and other important life organs. Thousands of tons of radiation contaminated water have enter the sea and still are. I am sick at heart for the new generations.