Hubbub for delicious pulled pork sandwiches

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      While it's easy to find a sandwich in any neighbourhood, a really good one is hard to come by.

      The gourmet sandwich fad that's been up and running for the last five years has never really impressed me.

      Often, you get a whole lot of cold meat thrown in on a dried baguette with half a tomato slice and a sprig of lettuce. A little bit of hot sauce or a vinaigrette is splashed as some sort of condiment.

      However, Hubbub, the sandwich place on Cambie Street, was a pleasant surprise.

      Let me make this quick: I picked a pulled-pork sandwich from its menu along with watermelon salad as a side. The cost was $8.99, which was decent, and $2.49 for the salad.

      I expected something dry and predictable. But on the first big bite, the pulled pork was tender.

      It's piled high on the baguette so if you love pulled pork, you will be very happy.

      On the menu, it said the sandwich comes with romaine lettuce, cilantro, pickled jalapenos, and crunchy caramelized onions. It does come with all of that but in a minuscule way.

      The jalapeno peppers in the sandwich were barely visible and the onion was just a thin strip. I would have preferred double the quantity of what was provided to make it more flavourful.

      Still, it was a good sandwich and the salad tasted homemade and fresh.

      Hubbub also offers drinks such as blueberry tea and jalapeno lemonade. I noticed there was soup as well.

      So if you're jaded like me, you might want to give Hubbub a try and ask for more jalapenos.