North Vancouver couple finds bear in their swimming pool and Jacuzzi

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      A North Vancouver couple was surprised to discover an uninvited guest in their swimming pool on August 17.

      A black bear had broken down a section of their fence and took a leisurely dip in their pool. It later unwound in the Jacuzzi, and was thought to have enjoyed a bellini with a mini umbrella.

      The bear, who seems to have a taste for the finer things in life, is thought to have previously visited the yard, nibbling on bird seed as hors d'oeuvres.

      Here's the CTV report on the surprise visit.

      In April, a bear was tranquilized in South Vancouver.

      Bears have been seen in many North Shore and Tri-Cities neighbourhoods. More commonly, they are known to frequent many Davie Village bars and nightclubs, along with cougars, otters, panda bears, and unicorns.



      You got me

      Aug 18, 2015 at 4:55pm

      OK, you got me, what's an "otter?"

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      Miranda Nelson

      Aug 18, 2015 at 4:58pm

      An otter is a slimmer bear. Or a hairier twink. Google can provide you with more information.

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      Aug 19, 2015 at 9:14am

      How about water restrictions? Don't they apply to personal pools?

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      Becka Boi

      Aug 19, 2015 at 9:41am

      Yeah another bear from Surrey obviously.......they should stay there......punks.

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      Aug 19, 2015 at 7:24pm

      Probably just needed a break from campaigning for the Green Party.

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      Aug 20, 2015 at 2:19am

      And don't forget the champagne honey!

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      Is that a Sun Bear?

      Aug 21, 2015 at 5:32pm

      The white chest suggests this is a sun bear. They aren't even native to north america...