7 reasons to love Victoria

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      When you ask locals in Victoria about living there, some will say "it's a nice place to live but it's full of seniors and there are no jobs."

      However, I think those locals are stuck in the '80s.

      They're not looking at the new Victoria.

      The new Victoria is hip, affordable, and accessible to people from all walks of life.

      Here are seven reasons to love Victoria:

      1. Far nicer hotels for the price and quality than you would find in Vancouver, whether it's the Marriott or the Harbour Towers, especially during the off-season.

      2. Government Street is great for walking and for visiting Munro's, the legendary bookstore. On a clear and bright day, you can even dream you're in Europe with the way it's laid out.

      3. Victoria restaurants are on the ball with farm-to-table and all the latest food trends. Again, they offer great value and a surprising freshness, given the price point. Examples include 10 Acres and Mint.

      4. Craft breweries.

      5. The weather. For those struggling to meditate in Vancouver, a 90-minute ferry ride to Victoria will do the trick.

      6. Victoria is so damn peaceful.

      7. Dogs, dogs, dogs.



      This is an article?

      Sep 8, 2015 at 1:10pm

      Wow, an article with zero research, zero sources, zero quotes, zero substance. The writer comes off as incredibly lazy, and takes an acutely shallow approach. Victoria is a remarkable place to live/visit, you just wouldn't know it by reading this waste of a page. Anyone who's spent more than 3 hours there knows more than Ms. Smith. If the Straight paid actual money for this drivel, I have some nice property in the Everglades to sell Charlie Smith at a great price...dogs, dogs, dogs.