The campaign to make Doug Ford prime minister of Canada has unofficially begun

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      Doug Ford for prime minister.

      That’s the message from a new website that makes a case for the Toronto city councillor to step up and run to lead the Conservative Party of Canada.

      “A broad coalition of Conservative voters is urging Doug Ford to run for Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada following Right Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Harper's leadership term,” reads a message at “Doug Ford represents the only true blue-values leader who can be an advocate for strong conservative values and connect with Canadian families from communities across the country.”

      The site describes itself as an “unofficial group”.

      It calls Ford—who is best known for his brother, Rob Ford, admitting to smoking crack cocaine while holding the position of Mayor of Toronto—as a “successful small-business owner and community organizer”.

      The website does not call for Ford to run for office in the 2015 federal election scheduled for October 19. The call for Ford to lead the Conservative party is therefore a suggestion the group is making for the possible eventuality of Prime Minister Stephen Harper losing the election to the Liberals or NDP.

      The Harper campaign has been on the defensive in recent weeks, hammered by reporters for any role the prime minister’s office played in the Duffy scandal, an ailing economy on the edge of a recession, and restrictive conditions for attendance at campaign events. Most polls, however, continued to put the Conservatives slightly ahead of a near-three-way tie between Harper, Liberal leader Justin Trudeau, and the NDP’s Thomas Muclair.

      The group Run Doug Run is asking people who like the idea to visit the website and pledge their support for Ford as the new leader of the federal Conservative Party.

      According to the Toronto Sun, Ford hasn’t ruled the idea out.

      "I guess in politics, never say never, but as far as I can see he’s a great prime minister," the Sun reported Ford saying in regards to Harper. “You never rule anything out.”

      Rob Ford dropped out of politics unexpectedly during the 2014 Toronto election for mayor after he was diagnosed with abdominal cancer. Doug Ford subsequently picked up the family’s bid to remain in control of the city but he was defeated by John Tory. Rob underwent surgery in July and is surpassing expectations for his recovery.




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