Canadian Geographic Society cuddles up to Stephen Harper and Big Oil

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      The photo above features Stephen Harper's wife Laureen accepting applause from her husband and John Geiger, CEO of the Royal Canadian Geographic Society.

      This came after the Harpers were named honorary fellows of the society, which publishes Canadian Geographic magazine.

      Not everyone is so enamoured with the organization, though.

      The Canadian Youth Climate Coalition has launched a petition objecting to the Royal Canadian Geographic Society's partnership with the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers on the "Energy IQ" project in classrooms across Canada.

      The petition claims that Energy IQ offers a "tar sands industry spun version of Canada's energy future without critical information on the environmental, human rights and climate change risks and impacts" of expanding production.

      "Our schools are no place for Big Oil, and Canadian Geographic is abandoning its responsibility as an educator and publisher by giving CAPP access," the petition states.

      Of course, CAPP works with numerous other publishers, including metropolitan and national daily newspapers, and major television broadcasters to "educate" the public. This is accomplished through a massive paid-advertising campaign likely running into the millions of dollars.

      Anyone who feels this is having an impact on the debate over pipelines can make their voice heard at the No Enbridge rally on Saturday (November 16) at 2 p.m. at Science World in Vancouver.

      It's part of the Defend Our Climate, Defend Our Communities national day of action, which features events in nine big cities across Canada.



      Earl Richards

      Nov 15, 2013 at 3:22pm

      No Enbridge in the Douglas Channel, because a tar sands spill will sink to the bottom and kill the seals, the orca, the otter and other ocean mammals. The tar sands spill will destroy the salmon fishery, the local fishing communities and the tourist industry. Enbridge could not care less about a tar sands spill, because there is no risk for them. Once the tar sands tanker leaves the dock, Enbridge is no longer liable for tar sands spills. Enbridge does not have to clean-up the mess. Remember the Kalamazoo.


      Nov 19, 2013 at 3:45am

      I live on one of the beautiful Gulf Islands and have lived here 36 years. The oil tankers if allowed would go past. Our water is clean and pure and would be forever spoiled if the oil tankers are allowed.And this oil is not for our use. It will go to the US or China. Making huge profits for some and no jobs for us. despite what some people say about protesters,we do have a live and struggle to make a living