The last three days in Rob Ford

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      It's been an exciting three days in the world of Rob Ford. 

      Some of the extreme low-lights include:

      ...getting stripped of the majority of his mayoral powers. everyone on staff in the mayor's office a $5,000 raise right before getting stripped of the majority of his mayoral powers.

      ...attending a Toronto Argonauts game after the team begged him not to and, unsurprisingly, causing a commotion.

      ...being parodied on Saturday Night Live.

      ...with a completely straight face, telling Fox News Channel’s John Roberts that he totally wants to run for prime minister some day.

      ...swearing in front of a bunch of elementary school kids.

      ...knocking over city council member Pam McConnell after barrelling through chambers for reasons unknown.

      ...and, of course, begins broadcasting his own TV show tonight.

      Lord help us all.



      boris moris

      Nov 19, 2013 at 5:10pm

      The Ford's one night stand with notorious crack ho Sun News was a pantomime at the expense of the Fords from the get go. The PMO needed a stunt like this to:

      a) Drive a stake right through RoFo's future and
      b) Provide a backdrop to Kenney's "Dear Rob" kiss off today.

      The PMO has spoken....and the stench of mendacity is nauseating. On the bright side, the Fords are fast losing their political footing as Cons and are becoming full time 24/7/365 punchlines to a bloatedly obscene joke. Flaherty doesn't have the kind of business and ministerial savvy of Paul Martin so his value to Harper is waning. The Fords are a whacked out indulgence that the beady eyed book burner in the PMO can no longer stomach.

      Methinks both Harper and Fords are dead political meat walking. They wanted a Tea Party and ended up with a Crack Shack Robo Call Influence Peddling SleazeFest.