Mike Duffy wrote the cheque, but Nigel Wright covered the cost

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      Fans of Frank magazine are enjoying seeing Mike Duffy suffer his comeuppance.

      The senator and former broadcaster once hired a lawyer to try to drive the satirical Ottawa weekly into the ground after it ridiculed him as the Puffster and claimed that he had visited a fat farm at Duke University.

      In the court case, Duffy alleged that Frank's merciless coverage undermined his chance of getting awarded the Order of Canada.

      Set aside the fact that Ottawa-based "journalists" shouldn't aspire to honours like this. (Or to borrow Frank terminology, reporters shouldn't be fartcatchers for the government.)

      Instead, feast your eyes on the cheque in the photo above.

      It was written by the Puffster to cover his ill-gotten housing expenses.

      Of course, it's been widely reported that the prime minister's former chief of staff, Nigel Wright, gave Duffy the money.

      So none of this $90,172.24 came out of Duffy's pocket.

      Stephen Harper must have known all about Duffy's previous lawsuit against Frank. Yet Harper still appointed the veteran broadcaster to the upper chamber, assuming that Duffy would never try to screw him.

      Now Duffy's going to drag his government into the sewer and possibly finish off Harper's prime ministership.

      It's all because Duffy kept refusing to repay money he had claimed for a primary residence in Prince Edward Island—which wasn't actually his primary residence because he was living in Ottawa.

      Nobody can tell Duffy what to do, not even the PM, or so it appears.

      None of Harper's other outrages—the muzzling of scientists, the ripping up of the Kelowna accord, the attacks on Vancouver's supervised-injection site, the bellicose foreign policy, the firing of the head of the nuclear regulatory commission, and the refusal to seriously face up to climate change—were enough to seriously dent the prime minister's popularity.

      But once Duffy was thrown into the mix, it was suddenly game over for the Conservative leader.

      Come to think of it, maybe it is time to give the Puffster the Order of Canada.

      He would join a distinguished club that has previously welcomed such luminaries as Conrad Black, Alan Eagleson, Garth Drabinsky, David Ahenikew, and Steve Fonyo.

      None of them ever took down a sitting prime minister.



      James Blatchford

      Nov 21, 2013 at 10:27pm

      You couldn't make this stuff up...the guy who must be chortling is Jean Chretian. He would have throttled his Senate appointee and thrown him in the Rideau canal...end of story. Harper looks hopeless in this street fight...'just a minute, let me take off my tie'.


      Nov 22, 2013 at 9:03am

      A self destructing Neo Con moment.

      Who would have thought that the Cons would defeat themselves? :) sweet.

      Charge em, Prosecute them ALL put em ALL in Jail under their own Mandatory Sentencing guidelines.

      Double Bunk em with large 'Non-White' guys :) (Note: how the CPC is the Ultra Right Ultra White party :)