NDP's Trudeau vs. Trudeau site targets Liberal leader's flip-flops on Bill C-51, etc.

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      I guess the NDP is more than a little annoyed that the Liberals keep sending out news releases that begin like this:

      MONTREAL – Thomas Mulcair talks down the Energy East Pipeline when speaking in Quebec, but he told an exclusive group of Americans in 2013 that moving oil from west to east via pipeline is his “priority.”

      And this:

      VANCOUVER – While Thomas Mulcair often points to Quebec’s child care system as a model for the NDP’s child care proposal, new video shows Mulcair aggressively criticized Quebec child care [French only] in the National Assembly.

      That's because the Dippers have launched an attack website of their own that takes aim at Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau's flip-flops on several key issues, including Bill C-51.

      Trudeau vs. Trudeau takes the form of a quiz. A sample question and answer:

      Where does Trudeau stand on corporate taxes?

      • Said he wouldn’t raise corporate taxes
      • Said he might lower corporate taxes
      • Says he would keep corporate taxes where they are
      • All of the above

      FACT: Justin Trudeau flip-flopped on corporate taxes - he’s going to run massive deficits because he refuses to ask his corporate friends to pay their fair share.

      This might be the easiest quiz on the web.

      Election day is October 19.