Stephen Harper go away, don't come again another day

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      You've sang along with "I Want My Canada Back!" by Raffi.

      And you've thrown your hands up to "Harper Hates You" by KDilla featuring Rhyme Ministers.

      Here's yet another anti-Stephen Harper song released just in time for the federal election.

      This one's "Mr. Harper" by The OM Sound.

      Check out "Mr. Harper" by The OM Sound.

      Here's a snippet of the lyrics:

      How did we end up with another George Dubya?
      But with more brains and less games and hidden plans to cut ya?
      Changing what he wants to make the “next great nation,”
      Bill C-38 to squash the next generation.
      “Why take all the trouble to make one law at a time 
      When we can change them all at once and sign on the dotted line?”
      Now Enbridge arrives…
      An oil spill a week? Nah, we’ll be fine.

      Which song is your fave?

      Don't forget to vote on October 19.