Tartine Bread and Pies opens second location in Davie Village

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      In other Davie Village eatery news, there's a new sweet spot for coffee and dessert.

      If you've been a fan of Tartine Bread and Pies nestled near the Granville Street Bridge, the good news is that they've opened up a second location, this time smack dab in the Davie Village.

      The bakery, deli, and coffee shop based at 770 Beach Avenue offers a menu of sandwiches, pastries, as well as coffee (from JJ Bean) and, of course, bread and pies.

      Their new location, located at 1069 Davie Street near Thurlow Street, seats only a few customers but it's ideal for those on the go grabbing bites for breakfast or lunch. It serves everything their original location has, including tarts, meat pies, flatbreads, and dessert bars. They've also refreshed their sandwich menu and added some soups and salads. 

      For those with a sweet tooth, their pie list includes everything from blueberry nectarine crisp to the decadent Elvis (made of banana, peanut butter, chocolate, and meringue). You can check out their full list at their website.