Gwaii Haanas: Land Sea People opening celebrates Haida Gwaii at the Bill Reid Gallery of Northwest Coast Art

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      The art, history, and magic of Haida Gwaii are being celebrated in a new exhibit that just opened at the Bill Reid Gallery of Northwest Coast Art.

      These are pictures from the opening ceremony for the exhibit called Gwaii Haanas: Land Sea People that happened earlier this week, with people like Haida Nation representative Guujaaw and acclaimed artist Gwaai Edenshaw in attendance.

      The unprecedented exhibition, curated by Kwiaahwah Jones, brings together both Haida and Canadian artists who have explored the wonder of the area. Works on display include ceremonial button robes of the Haida elders, and paintings and photographs that capture the landscapes and ancient Haida villages.

      Programs throughout the exhibit, which runs through March, include featured artist talks, speaker series, weekly curatorial tours, panel discussions, film screenings, and interactive activities.

      Also on view are the Great Box and The Final Exam, replicas of ancestral bentwood boxes that have mentored Haida artists in their classical formline design.

      The show is presented by the Bill Reid Gallery of Northwest Coast Art in the spirit of collaborative partnership with: Parks Canada, the Haida Nation, the Haida Gwaii Museum at Kay Llnagaay, HaiCo, Vancouver International Airport (YVR), Simon Fraser University and the City of Vancouver.