From the Vault: A Vancouver Classic by Maow

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      It always pays to know your history. With that in mind, every Saturday From the Vault brings you a classic music video by a Vancouver artist. 

      We'll always consider Neko Case a Vancouverite. Never mind that she lived here for less than four years, and that she isn't even a Canadian. Sure, Case was born in Virginia and grew up all over the U.S. (mostly in Tacoma), but it was here in Vancouver that she started her musical career. Her first solo LP, The Virginian, was recorded here and released by local label Mint Records, and her ongoing membership in the New Pornographers keeps her connected to the city.

      Before all that, though, Case played drums for Cub, and later Maow, in which she shared vocal duties with guitarist Tobey Black (later of the Gay) and bassist Corrina Hammond. The song "Ms. Lefevre" comes from the cuddlecore trio's one and only full-length album, The Unforgiving Sounds of Maow.

      As for the production of this video, we'll let this YouTube comment from Scott Barrett tell that story:

      "strange finding this.  I directed this video and edited it (comp'ing many Nekos into one floating cloud background) in Vancouver Canada.  I never knew and still have no clue what the song was about, but spinning the girls on the chair until they almost threw up saved catering on lunch. :)"