Wow, you really hate cyclists in Vancouver

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      Every time there's a bike-lane controversy, we're reminded how polarized this city is on cycling issues.

      Whether it's bikes on the road, bikes on the sidewalk, or bikes in separated lanes—bikes just don't seem to belong anywhere, according to many people in Vancouver.

      Stories about the "war" between drivers and cyclists, such as my posts on the fight between bike courier Edward Hoey and a motorist (captured in photos and video), seem to bring out the worst in some of those cycling critics.

      I've gone through the comments on this week's posts (and on Facebook) to find the worst of the worst, in hopes that some cyclist haters will be embarassed by these (commonly expressed) sentiments and rethink their vitriol in the future.

      Here's 10 of the most disgusting anti-cyclist comments I've readso farthis week.

      1. Craig R. Palmer: "Cyclists always deserve it."

      2. bob: "I hate cyclists. Even when in the bike lane they seem to ride right on the line making it hard for drivers to get around them. The cars were there first and take a lot longer to stop then a 10 lb bike. They complain when cars get too close and they want to be considered vehicles yet they totally ignore the rules that cars have to obey. Take transit if you want to "save the environment"."

      3. Pete Georgas: "Perfect, hit him again !!"

      4. taking pics: "People were taking pictures because finally they were witnessing justice. Bike Riders don't own the god damn road."

      5. Tm: "This is awesome, stay in your bike lanes and out of traffic lanes u moronic cyclists. U complain until they put more in and then you don't even use them."

      6. Joe: "biker lucky cops didn't beat him again"

      7. Andrew: "Why wasn't the cyclist riding in the bike lane? And what would make the cyclist think he has the right to go into the drivers window and throw his papers onto the street? He deserved to get beat up."

      8. Justice: "Is served."

      9. Evan O'Connor: "Entitled cyclist acts like asshole, gets ass kicked by carnivore."

      10. Steve: "I drive downtown a lot and ill bet the cyclist started the whole thing. They seem to do whatever they want whenever they want then flip you the bird. stick to your bike lanes the douche Mayor bought ya"




      Jan 28, 2014 at 1:07pm

      Stephen, I am a cyclist as well as a car driver. I don't hate cyclist (since I am one), but I do hate stupid cyclists who make life worse for law abiding cyclists. This moron crossed the line when he goes into someone's personal vehicle and throws their personal property on the street. Hope he gets some jail time but I doubt it since our judge's are such wimps.


      Jan 28, 2014 at 1:52pm

      blah, you're a liar. I'm absolutely sure you've read enough to know that the driver accosted the cyclist on the road, grabbing his arm into the car.

      It's not about the precious paper, and you know it. That's a pathetic, cowardly excuse to cover for violence you obviously crave, and the police are too weak to confront an audi owner about.


      Jan 28, 2014 at 1:53pm

      Blah, do you hate car drivers who make life worse not only for law-abiding drivers, but also pedestrians and cyclists that they endanger? Do you?

      If you do, why don't you point that out? Why is it just cyclists that need to be called out? Why isn't it 'reckless behaviour' in general?

      At the end of the day the car does the most damage when misused. If we want to spend policing and anger well, point it at the biggest problem.


      Jan 28, 2014 at 1:59pm

      It's sad to see, but I can understand how the frustration has ramped up to the level of casual violence. I drive a very small car, and try to be courteous to everyone else on the road - cars, cyclists, and pedestrians - while being an assertive and defensive driver. I don't want to hit anyone, and I don't want to be hit. The things I see daily on our roads are brutal, and illegal, and downright stupid, from ALL 3 GROUPS.

      I've been hit 7 times, had my life threatened, been verbally assaulted, and have lost count of how may "almost accidents" I have managed to avoid. One cyclist threatened to rape me and take my car after he cut across 3 lanes of traffic and nearly hit my car while I was stopped at a red light. Pedestrians randomly walk out in front of cars without looking, cyclists stop for nothing and no one, and drivers get more dangerously aggressive every year.

      There is A LOT of stuff to watch for on our roads, and everyone seems to think they have the right of way. It's exhausting. Slow it down, look before you go, and stop acting like you own the road. Maybe we can all get home safe.


      Jan 28, 2014 at 2:06pm

      Actually, the driver pulled the cyclist into his car and said "I have 15 years of martial arts training and I'm going to fuck you up" at which point the cyclist threw some papers out of the car in an attempt to escape. The driver (who looks to be about 6'4" and 220lbs, compared to the cyclist weighing in at something more like 5'8" 180) then proceeded to use his training to beat seven shades of shit out of the cyclist, who was submitting.

      I don't care how many birds were flipped, this is inexcusable behaviour. Also, martial arts training is supposed to be for SELF DEFENSE, not as a means to physically assault someone. That man is a spineless piece of shit and if he tries that shit with me I will force-feed him my bicycle.

      Bruce Allen

      Jan 28, 2014 at 2:10pm

      ... is probably sitting in the CKNW editorial seat and laughing his a$$ off.

      Bela Bugliosi

      Jan 28, 2014 at 2:16pm

      We owe a debt of gratitude to all the anti bicycle posters out there. Thanks for giving us an unintended warning about the rampant psychopathy among car drivers. It's no wonder that erectile dysfunction is so widespread. All I hear when reading these ignorant comments is a pathetically impotent rage directed at bike riders. You see them as easy targets because they don't have a steel cage around them and you're far too stupid to understand you're revealing the depth of your ignorance and inability to cope with your lack of power in the world.

      Better Judgement

      Jan 28, 2014 at 2:24pm

      Cyclists need to start showing a little more respect towards others. I'm an avid century cyclists and I'm appalled by the behaviour exhibited by other cyclists in this city.

      This is a very subjective article "to find the worst of the worst, in hopes that some cyclist haters will be embarassed by these".

      Rather than getting to the root and cause of this frustration, I only see more of the self entitled 'cyclists" spirit.

      How about asking "Why are motorist frustrated with cyclists?" or "What are things cyclists can start doing to help share the road and get along with other motorists". But alas, only articles to invoke more angry rants.

      Good job on contributing NOTHING Georgia Straight. Either help find solutions and purpose or stop writing these sensationalizing articles.


      Jan 28, 2014 at 2:25pm

      Vancouver drivers most annoyed at cyclist for being "IN MY WAY", and obviously feel this is so deserving of a violence they'll cling to the flimsiest excuse (literally) to justify it.

      But let's expand this discussion. Because the entitled attitude of drivers is killing and maiming pedestrians in this city at TEN TIMES the rate of cyclists. And I think they express their anger about cyclists only because they know damn well it isn't acceptable to say it about pedestrians.

      "Pedestrian deaths dominate Vancouver traffic fatalities"

      "Vancouver's Deadly Roads"

      "More pedestrians struck in Metro Vancouver"

      "25-year-old pedestrian killed in East Vancouver"

      And guess what? Thinking you're so important that you need to get there fast, as the driver at hand believed, has everything to do with it. The odds of a pedestrian or cyclist dying go up exponentially above 30 kph.

      Dennis Ritchie

      Jan 28, 2014 at 2:31pm

      This animosity plays out daily in every metro in the world. We must learn to share the road. Restricted car use is still NOT a reality here because a segment of people here worship their vehicles instead of the sacredness do peace and life. Freiburg, Germany has proven very little car use can be a reality and a major city can still function properly. In Toronto and Vancouver I have witnessed the laziest, dangerous people driving for no reason other than they can. Leave your car at home. Force changes to transit and cut off car use entirely for one full year in this city and we would all see the benefits. Transit has to be used more by all people and thus drive down the costs of it. BC including the titans of industry here (Pattison) have created a system of complete, unhealthy dependence on the fossil fuel consuming beast we see every minute. We must change this toxic paradigm created by this man and his oblivious generation. Moreover, I have seen many senior citizens in great health overseas in Europe and Asia using bikes safely every day. Turn your attention to the places where cycling works Vancouverites! The love of your car is surely the hatred of Mother Nature. We should be rational optimists and be kind to one another and CHANGE our habits for the children to come can see we tried to make a better world.