TED2014: Bill Gates, Sting, and Chris Hadfield to speak in Vancouver

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      A magician, a firefly specialist, a user experience master, jugglers, and a "relentless mind" are on the speakers list for Vancouver's TED2014 conference.

      Today (January 30), TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) released the conference line-up on its blog, stating:

      TED2014 is our 30th-anniversary conference, and the speaker lineup is — in a word — thrilling. Speakers will touch on topics ranging from technology, entertainment, design and education to climate change, architecture, music, physics, parenting, typography, fireflies and the Golden Gate Bridge. Randall Munroe of xkcd will talk about his passion for What If questions. Yoruba Richen will talk about the fastest-moving social justice campaign in history. Wendy Chung will offer a scholarly overview of what we know right now about autism. And Chris Hadfield of NASA will put down his guitar long enough to talk to us about life in space — and back on earth. Some speakers on the lineup will look back and reflect on things that have happened over the past 30 years. Other speakers will look forward and predict: where are we headed next?

      Here's the full list of speakers:

      Session 1: Liftoff

      Session 2: Retrospect

      Session 3: Reshape

      Session 4: Wish

      Session 5: Us

      Session 6: Wired

      Session 7: Why?

      Session 8: Hacked

      Session 9: Emergent

      Session 10: Passion

      Session 11: Unstress

      Session 12: Onward

      TED2014 will take place at the Vancouver Convention Centre from March 17 to 21.

      Tickets for the sold-out event cost US$7,500.




      Jan 30, 2014 at 11:20am

      Perhaps sting will speak about how he can be so hypocritical about his statements regarding carbon footprints. He travels all over the world, has multiple residences, and uses probably more gas to get around than most villages in the developing world. But hey, he can write a pretty good song. Perhaps he should stick to songwriting until he can see clearly. Otherwise, I think the TED conference is fantastic and I welcome them to Vancouver!!