Selena Gomez rehab stint reportedly a result of partying with Bieber

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      It’s well-documented that Justin Bieber is reponsible for many horrible things in the world, and by that, we don’t mean his recorded output.

      Instead, we’re talking about the exploitation of South American prostitutes, the promotion of drinking and driving among North America’s impressionable young people, and giving internet trolls like DavidH yet another reason to rant away on

      Turns out that he’s apparently also responsible for corrupting poor Selena Gomez.

      The teen-pop sensation has blamed Bieber, whom she used to date, for landing her in rehab this past January. Gomez spent two weeks in an Arizona facility for what’s being described as pot, alcohol, and presciption pills abuse. According to the likes of and Perez Hilton, she’s blaming “that Crazy Boy” for introducing her to a life of excessive partying. Gomez cancelled an Australian tour before checking into the facility.

      Beiber was too busy chewing on the nipples of a silicone-enhanced stripper to issue a statement.