Thousands sign petition against B.C. Park Act amendments

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      This week, a couple of opinion pieces about the B.C. Liberal government's Park Amendment Act appeared on In them, Andrew Gage of West Coast Environmental Law and Peter Wood of the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society explain how this legislation would weaken the protection afforded to provincial parks.

      WCEL has posted an online petition in opposition to Bill 4. Addressed to Premier Christy Clark and Environment Minister Mary Polak, the petition states:

      Bill 4 would reduce protection of smaller parks, allow "research" such as drilling, surveying and exploration to occur in protected areas and make it easier for the government to "adjust" park boundaries at industry's request. I urge you to reject these changes and uphold your duty to maintain protected areas for the benefit of British Columbians.

      At time of blogging, the petition had been signed 4,783 times.

      Polak introduced Bill 4 for first reading on February 13.



      Andrew Cassidy

      Mar 31, 2014 at 8:15pm

      The future survival of our people is greatly depending on the natural resources provided by our national parks. It disgusts me to hear that the majority somehow have chosen to agree with these plans. As I research I find countless clueless people who have not heard of the new laws pertaining to our national parks. I for one have never voted as I am against it as religion but I cannot sit back and let this happen. It would be evil, uncivil, inhuman,:unpatriotic, and even stupid. Since the United States of America have been granted control of Canada everything has been changing. The nuts are being pressed upon the chin and Steven Harper is loving it. But I am not writing this to complain. The laws should be re-changed to only allow any testing or drilling after having a national park committee review permit to do so.