Video: Baba Brinkman releases carbon-pricing rap called "Make It Hot"

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      "I make it hot."

      That's the memorable hook in Canadian rapper Baba Brinkman's sophisticated carbon-pricing rap. And it could become an anthem for those eager for a global tax on the use of greenhouse-gas-spewing fossil fuels.

      "Pretty soon someone's going to fly me someplace to perform it and the appeal of that is enormous," Brinkman raps at one point. "It's not an option for me to turn down work for global warming."

      But he points out that there is an option to charge him and everyone else for burning carbon.

      " 'Cause I make it hot," Brinkman declares in his rap. "Hot like climate refugees. Picture a hot hundred million displaced Bangledeshis."

      Rapper Baba Brinkman performs "Make It Hot".

      He performed "Make It Hot" at the 2015 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The song is part of his newest work, Rap Guide to Climate Chaos.

      Brinkman has already written or cowritten six rap plays, including The Rap Guide to Religion and The Rap Guide to Evolution.

      His website states that he "hails from a climate-conscious family". His mother is Vancouver-Quadra Liberal MP Joyce Murray and his father is Dirk Brinkman, who heads Brinkman & Associates Reforestation. 

      The website notes: "His dad runs a company that has planted more than a billion trees, drawing down carbon from the atmosphere, and his mom is a politician who wrote her master’s thesis on climate change in 1992. Baba himself has personally planted more than one million trees in Western Canada."